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Isamu Noguchi
Tea Cup (Final prototype)
Collection of the Estate of Isamu Noguchi

Adele Levy Memorial Playground (several proposals – unbuilt) in New York City’s Riverside Park, made in collaboration with Louis I. Kahn, 1960-1966. (via Sculpted Landscapes: Isamu Noguchi’s Playgrounds : socks-studio)


"You can find out how to do something and then do it, or do something and then find out what you did." - Isamu Noguchi

(via valentinpuyau)


© PAUHOF - expo 92 austrian pavillion - seville, spain - 1990

gilles clément - la fontaine d’herbes, jardin de la drac a la réunion, 2004


Best Products Showroom


[Daly City, California, 1978]

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Installation by Carsten Höller with François Roche at Air de Paris.

Realignments (Excerpt)

Since it is my conviction that the structural character of our discipline, precisely insofar as it is an artistic practice, requires working with empirical conditions as project material, I attribute great importance to the discussion of their nature and meaning when I put together an architectural project. To recognize this means neither to legitimize nor to participate in such empirical conditions but to assume them as an object of criticism and, by means of the tools of our discipline, make them into project materials.

This naturally has nothing to do with transforming architects into pure technicians, managers, or cultural organizers, and even less into traffickers of politics, but, on the contrary, it has to do with resisting attempts that try to expel us from our universe of specific competencies or with combating those approaches to architecture that aim to exclude us from it, rendering it purely decorative.

-Vittorio Greggoti


Emilio Ambasz

This enchanting photograph was taken in 1995 by renowned French photographer François Halard during his visit to the landmark Palm Springs home of architect Alfred Frey.

'Albert' Frey