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Guy Rottier, Village de vacance en carton à brûler après usage.

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"Je croyais voir un piège", by Laurent Millet (2012)
Je croyais voir un piège (“I thought I saw a trap”) is a 2012 set of photographs and sculptures by French artist Laurent Millet, exhibited at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Paris).
The works come from a residency of the artist in the park of Belval (Ardennes, France), the for…
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Stanley Saitowitz. GA Houses. 10 1982: 70

"Chaos is defined not so much by its disorder as by the infinite speed with which every form taking shape in it vanishes. It is a void that is not a nothingness but a virtual, containing all possible particles and drawing out all possible forms, which spring up only to disappear immediately, without consistency or reference, without consequence. Chaos is an infinite speed of birth and disappearance."

- Deleuze and Guattari (via inthenoosphere)

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Model of the inner spaces, Saint Maria of the Divine Providence in Lisbon by Luigi Moretti.

Recicling Expo Village_Baquera, Cardona, Folli, Marullo_2014


Livraria Cultura

São Paulo, Brasil

By  Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Diana Radomysler + Luciana Antunes + Marcio Tanaka + Mariana Ruzante

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Model for a City for Pilgrims, Mina, Kenzo Tange/Kenji Ekuan, 1974

Vilanova Artigas | Domschke house, 1974 Sao Paulo